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Globalization - Connections - Time

6 continents - 12 artists - 1day [the leap day February 29, 2012]

Topp & Dubio are invited to participate in a global art project which takes place on the leap day February 29.

The project involves 12 artists, 2 per continent who simultaneously work on spot in their own studio to create a 24hrs work influenced by the local circumstances of that day. Topp & Dubio will represent Europe.

The registration of the working process are broadcasted live at the Kunsthalle Hannover and were recorded to fit the exhibition. The results of this project with the final art works will be exhibited globally for the coming four years.


'Globalization - Connections - Time' is under patronage of UNESCO.



Globalization - Connections - Time


Kunsthalle Hannover, Germany

February 29 - March 18, 2012

World wide until February 29, 2016