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Static Electricity

EXHIBITION at UKROP Foundation - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Everything is a matter of perception, different minds and viewpoints creating different realities for one another. Change is a constantly flowing stream. Static electricity is the accumulation of all demonstrations, prays, screams, tears, laughs and breath.


Participating artists: Masha Ru, Geoff Kim, Olga Ganzha, Inga Erdmane, Dina Roussou, Elon Liberman, Konstantin Guz, Lennard Houkes, Reinilde Jonkhout, Lyubov Matyunina, Pedro Matias & Angelo Custódio, Marianna La Rosa Maruyama & Saulius Leonavičius and Topp & Dubio.

UKROP Foundation at De Slang | Spuistraat 199 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | October 26-29, 2012




Static Electricity


UKROP Foundation - De Slang

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

October 2012