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JUXTAPOSED - Topp & Dubio vs. Yuri Lunacharsky

EXHIBITION at NCCA Baltic Branch, Kaliningrad, Russia


JUXTAPOSED is a retrospective exhibition on the work of the Russian artist Yuri Lunacharsky, as reflected in the eyes of the Dutch artists Topp & Dubio.


Lunacharsky is a Kaliningrad born sculptural artist who died in 2008 at the age of 30 without ever having exhibited his work. In a way, Topp & Dubio continue Lunacharsky's art practice by handling and rearranging his works and preparing it to be shown publically without having any knowledge of Lunacharsky's intentions or knowing how to do this properly.


Continuously, Topp & Dubio started a never ending dialogue with Lunacharsky by creating project based works that respond to the major themes in Lunacharsky's artworks: space, time, energy, history and human existence. By doing so, The exhibition shows both of their work in retrospective. Side by side or face to face. Or both.

National Centre for Contemporary Arts - Baltic Branch

Mansard of «Kronprinz» barracks | Litovsky val, 38 | Kaliningrad, Russia

Балтийский филиал ГЦСИ | Мансарда казармы «Кронпринц» | Калининград, Литовский вал, 38

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NCCA-BB, Kaliningrad, Russia

October 4 - 20, 2013