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Topp & Dubio - Lunacharsky: Workstation Kaliningrad



'Workstation Kaliningrad' summarizes a longterm research of the heritage of Yuri Lunacharsky, conducted by Topp & Dubio, and aimed on it’s preservation and study. Topp & Dubio place Lunacharsky back into today’s reality and create a new space to review the value of his work as a contemporary artist. This project can be seen as a sort of subjective rewriting of Russian art history from an artist's point of view.

The catalogue contains a scrupulous documentation of the retrospective exhibition « JUXTAPOSED – Topp & Dubio vs. Yuri Lunacharsky » that was held on 04.10 – 20.10.2013 at the Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad, Russia). It offers also some materials on interventions and citizen initiatives by Topp and Dubio that were connected with Lunacharsky`s name.


Published by National Center for Contemporary Arts Russia / SNAP Foundation

20x25 cm | 112 pages | full colour | English / Russian | Authors: Topp & Dubio




Workstation Kaliningrad


NCCA Russia / SNAP Foundation