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There's No Such Thing As Boredom

EXHIBITION - Scaffold Gallery @ Paradise Works, UK


Topp & Dubio showed the installation THE PARACETAMOL WORKS.


Boredom is, despite the name, rather interesting. It's a state of mind we generally seek to avoid. That feeling of listlessness, a lack of all stimulation. But within that empty brain space, mysterious intrigue festers, and things begin to gestate. Thinking about boredom is the perfect way to escape boredom, and being bored is an ideal way to escape thoughtlessness.


Scaffold presents, a group show featuring a selection of new works responding to the intentionally antagonistic and possibly ludicrous statement surrounding the existence of the minds most mysterious and ephemeral state.


Scaffold Gallery @ Paradise Works | Manchester, United Kingdom | 11-5-2018 ----- 12-5-2018





There's No Such Thing As Boredom

EXHIBITION - Scaffold Gallery, UK

May 2018