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Platforms Project

EXHIBITION/ART FAIR- Nikos Kessanlis, Athens, Greece


Topp & Dubio show the installation SORRY CLOSED at the Independent Art Fair Platforms Project.


SORRY CLOSED is an installation which in itself is an attempt to translate and to understand a handwritten anecdote into an exhibition of sculptural works. The anecdote is a true message and a fictional excuse for being closed at the same time. Topp & Dubio have analyzed the heroic Greek narrative of the original message and transformed it into a spatial installation. The audience is now able to walk through the narrative and take a closer look at its oddities.


Platforms Projecs | Nikos Kessanlis, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece | 16-5-2019 ----- 19-5-2019




Platforms Project


May 2019